At The Law Office of Mauverine D. Butler, PLLC, your case is handled by skilled and experienced professionals. Although we work to resolve issues outside of court, we offer aggressive representation if your case is heard by a judge and jury. Build a strong case in your favor with legal services from our firm in Bronx, New York.

ADOPTIONS | We put you in a better position for a smooth adoption process. For both local and international adoptions, we draft petitions and all of the supporting documents for prospective parents. We also attend all of the hearings to ensure every base is covered.

DIVORCE | When your family unit cannot be saved, we represent parties who are seeking an annulment, divorce, or separation agreement. Our services include preparation of all documents such as: Custody Agreements, Visitation Agreements, Stipulation of Settlement and Child Support Agreements

IMMIGRATION LAWS | Avoid problems with the INS with immigration law assistance from our firm. For family-based petitions, we draft petition and supporting documents. We also prepare beneficiaries and petitioners for interviews and hearings. If you or a family member is in the US illegally, we offer representation for deportation and removal proceedings. Also, we assist applicants in removal of conditions on residence, representation for employment authorization, and prepare petitions for naturalization.

LANDLORD/TENANT DISPUTES | The Law Office of Mauverine D. Butler, PLLC, also helps you settle landlord-tenant disputes. We offer representation for both parties in holdover and non-payment proceedings in addition to drafting lease agreements and various notices. If your matter cannot be resolved outside of court, we offer skillful representation at all hearings and trials.

REAL ESTATE LAW | Protect your money during real estate transactions with legal assistance from our firm. Representation is provided for all regarding the purchase or sale of real property, condos and cooperative apartments.


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